Intensive German Course

Most people take courses between 2 and 4 weeks, but 1 or more than 4 weeks are also possible:

  • We offer small German group courses or individual language courses (in standard/high German). 
  • Course start on any Monday, length otional 
  • Tuition is 4 x 45 minute lessons for groups of 3-4/ (seldom 5 or 6) students, from 9:00 in the morning to 12:15, Monday to Friday
  • Tuition is 3 x 45 minute lessons for groups of 2 students
  • Tuition is 2 x 45 minute lessons if the student is the only one of his/her standard
  • You can stay for as many weeks as you would like to, with a minimum of one week
  • The course includes participation in the free time programme

Group size: The DIT Weekly Intensive German Group Course has usually classes of  up to 3, very seldom one or two persons more per class.

This is a very intensive learning experience.  English has got much of German in it, by the way, because of Anglo-Saxon immigration from Germany after the Romans had left Britanny - German is not difficult, thus.  (Do you understand:  Mein Finger ist warm?) 

  • You learn a lot faster in such small groups: compare this with learning in a class of 8 or even more people;
  • You participate more;
  • The challenge is greater;
  • You have more control over what you study and what topics or grammar points are discussed or studied;
  • You get more individual attention from your teacher;
  • You get to know your teacher better as well as your class mates, and there are many other advantages.

Standards: We have people learning German of every standard from absolute beginner to the very advanced (A1 to C2). We ask everyone (except beginners) to take a short test on their first Monday morning so that we can put you into the right class for your standard.

If you are the only person of your particular standard, we do not cancel your course: instead, we offer you a course with full participation in the free time programme etc., but we reduce your lesson time to 2 lessons of 45 minutes per day. You effectively get private lessons at the group rate.  The 3rd and 4th lesson you can be a listening guest in another class.

Prices 2020 until end Oct. 2021:

Course price (without room)
Number of weeks Price in Euro free time programme
1    490   3
2    980   6
3 1.470   9

4 weeks or more   

   460 per week (from the first week onwards)

 12 + 

Private lessons

   100 per lesson






Costs for accommodation are not included, depend on the pension you choose/where we book a room for you/on the time of the year and vary from +/- € 50 to € 92 per night with breakfast (buffet).


Important informations in connection with paid course fees
1.  Refunds:
We cannot refund any course fees unless you cancel at least 4 weeks before your course
begins (date of email, post stamp), charging a processing fee of € 100 (credited for later course) and possible bank charges. If you cancel afterwards, we would issue you with a credit note for a later course. We would also help you to get money refunded possibly already paid for accommodation less any cancellation fees charged by the accommodation providers and less any bank charges for the transfer back.  In case of Corona (confirmation by doctor) we refund all money having been paid (less bank charges) - or give you a voucher for a later course.


2.  Date of payment: Invoices are payable after having received them/our confirmation of your course participation in order to enable us to book your accommodation.
NID: 60851


Our strengths
  • .Standard German
  • .1 to maximum 6 students per class
  • .Kitzbühel is a world famous ski resort
  • .Open all year
  • .Begin on any Monday
  • .Every age group over 18.  Seniors very welcome