German Courses for Seniors

At DIT we welcome students of all ages, all year round. If however you are over 50 years old and prefer the company of your contemporaries, you could take advantage of our special offer for seniors. We are currently advertising 3 separate dates for seniors, namely:

  • 2 weeks from 08 until 19 April 2019 (following years similar)
  • 2 weeks from 03 until 15 June 2019 (following years similar)
  • 2 weeks from 09 until 21 September 2019 (following years similar)
  • Price:  € 920  for lessons and participation in spare time programmes.  Accommodation not included  (see "Accommodation")

Click here for further information about the Seniors Course


Our strengths
  • .Standard German
  • .1 to maximum 6 students per class
  • .Kitzbühel is a world famous ski resort
  • .Open all year
  • .Begin on any Monday
  • .Every age group over 18.  Seniors very welcome